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Has it uploaded?
Published on July 14, 2007 By REDstyler In OS Customization
Hi all,

I recently (eventually) decided to create my first Xion skin. I finished it and am very happy with it.

My only problem is with the uploading system.
I clicked submit and it popped up and said that it was uploading, and then shortly afterwards it said it was finished. I don't really think it finished. The IE loading bar at the bottom said that the page was half loaded, the status caption said that it was done, but with errors on the page, The Transfer box gave me a two-sided message saying that it was still transferring (as well as Finished Transferring), and the cancel button was still visible.

How long does an upload take for a 500KB file? I don't even know if it's on the server for the moderators to see.

Any help would really be appreciated.


on Jul 14, 2007
Anything less than a meg usually uploads quickly for me when my internet connection is good. If it was successful you can check your skins gallery for any skins in moderation (meaning it's been uploaded and must be checked by a moderator). Go to your skins, click on the drop down where it says 'All libraries' and select in moderation. If the upload was successful the in moderation option should be there and you can see the skin's page. If not, it probably didn't go through.
on Jul 14, 2007
Thanks very much, it obviously didn't go through as there's no option.
I'll upload it again and see what happens after about five minutes.

Thanks Again

on Jul 14, 2007
Hi Guys (Again).

The Uploader tells me that it's complete and that it is processing my work, and then it comes up with a new page telling me that it failed to upload my work. It also says "Error Code: UploadDetails".

Do you guys know what's going on?
on Jul 14, 2007
on Jul 14, 2007
In what format is your skin? It should be skinName.xsf
on Jul 14, 2007
It is, and the preview is JPEG.
I can't see any problems with what I've put in, i think it's a server error.
on Jul 14, 2007
You're probably right .. just try again after a bit and I'm sure it will work. Every now and again there seems to be a glitch.
on Jul 14, 2007
try to upload it in a zip file
.zip that should work
on Jul 14, 2007
Even as a ZIP, I still get this error:

Your skin has failed to upload.
Error code: UploadDetails
on Jul 14, 2007
Thanks very much - it works. It doesn't have skin tags but that doesn't matter.
Really Appreciate it.

Seeing as that's the old page, is it still true that it takes 5 days to be processed?
on Jul 14, 2007
yes unless you are Moderator/Journeyman/Master or higher you'll need to wait around 5 days to get it show up (or not) in gallery
Moderation thing
Sometimes that take less time
on Jul 14, 2007
Thanks. They moderated very quickly today!

It's in the Xion Gallery, enjoy!

And Thanks for all the help!
on Jul 14, 2007
you are welcome it's nothing